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Visiting the National Quilt Museum is somewhat unusual on our list of fun and entertaining activities in Kentucky, but there is a reason it attracts more than 100,000 visitors. There are several ways to see and learn from the boat, from kayaking on a hidden creek to riding a first-class riverboat or even in the middle of the trip in one place on a weekend. It is safe to say that the visit to the old KFC restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, where the first "KFC" chicken was served, is the funniest in Kentucky. This is one of those things that is so much fun in - KY that it is even worth stopping by even if you have to drive.

The Kentucky Military History Museum is in conjunction with the Kentucky Historical Society, and there is an excursion based in Frankfurt and passing through Kentucky State University. There is no question that there are two major museums in Kentucky, both very short distances apart. The next door is the US Air Force Museum in Louisville, which is also in the same building as the National Quilt Museum at the University of Kentucky.

Located in the previously discussed Red River Gorge, Natural Bridge Park is one of the coolest free recreational activities in Kentucky and is located just a few miles from the Kentucky State University campus. Row a canoe, hike, picnic or follow the animal instincts at the Salato Wildlife Education Center, where visitors can mingle and mingle with Kentucky's wilder fauna. If you want to learn about wildlife and enjoy recreational activities such as fishing and hiking, you can visit the Salatos Wildlife Education Center. The animals are caught under Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife guidelines and cannot be caught.

Other attractions along the way include the grave of Daniel Boone, which offers viewers stunning views of the Kentucky River. If you're looking for a free education-focused opportunity, check out Kentucky's River Thorobred. There are many ways to get to the water in Kentucky, and we recommend to book one of the many tours offered by the Kentucky Historical Society to learn more about this important piece of Kentucky history. Kentucky has a number of great water parks, including Red River Gorge and Blue Ridge Parkway.

Of course, the most famous place in State Park is Federal Hill, where the Old Kentucky Home takes its title. The famous Kentucky statesman, who died in 1852, was the first governor of Kentucky and one of the most influential politicians of his time. His wife Rebecca is buried in the Frankfurt cemetery, which overlooks the Kentucky River and the state capital's building.

Daniel Boone was the man behind the original discovery, and his grave is the best photo in town showing his headstone and the remains of his wife Rebecca. Today it is a great place for tourists to do sightseeing, with its beautiful views of the Kentucky River and Kentucky State Park, as well as the Old Kentucky Home.

See why Salato is a must - take a look around Frankfurt and see some of the unique and beautiful places. If you're looking for a place to see in the greater Kentucky area, Diamond Caverns are a great Kentucky atmosphere.

The 150-acre park in Cumberland Gap National Wildlife Refuge south of Frankfurt is famous for its beautiful views of the Kentucky River. It covers an area bordering Virginia and Kentucky and contains the deepest gorges to the east of this Mississippi area. The sun at this border is shining blue, and it is a nice statement that Daniel Boone has crossed the gap and made his way across the river to his home in Kentucky.

Visiting the property is one of the free activities in Kentucky that no Kentucky native wants to miss. This one-hour drive takes you to six regional distilleries and culminates in a guided tour of each distillery with a guided canoe or kayak tour. A water-based bourbon tour of the Kentucky River National Wildlife Refuge in Frankfurt, Kentucky.

For your next trip, use the Frankfurt Public Art Tour Card to go on a little scavenger hunt to find everything - children would love that. If you're interested in learning more about this area of the Bluegrass State, this free nature cruise in Kentucky is the perfect summer getaway. Whether you're looking for a chic river cruise or a meal, it's an experience in itself.

While visiting the Kentucky State Capitol, you should also visit the Floral Clock, which is located directly opposite. It is also a National Historic Landmark and it is not the only one of its kind in the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky is known for its rich history and has one of the highest levels of tourism in the United States, with more than 1.5 million visitors per year.

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More About Frankfort