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I grew up in a small town about an hour south of Louisville, so trips to Kentucky, the largest river city, were few and far between. But my family's visits to the Louisville Zoo during my childhood inspired a love for the state of Kentucky, its history and culture. I appreciate what the Kentucky Derby means to a city like Louisville and how it helps define it. Read on to learn about the spirit of the bluegrass state and how to incorporate it into your event agenda before sunset.

Grab a few breweries in your local brick alley, visit Bourbon's Happy Hour on the Main and warm up with a beer or two at one of the city's many craft breweries.

Copper King is a good place to watch the production of brandy and of course to do a taste test. Also in Newport is the Newport Distilling Company, an up-and-coming distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail that offers group tours and tastings and two function rooms for private receptions. Across the street from Frankfurt, Kentucky, is the Old Main Distillery, a National Historic Landmark that will host events with up to 350 participants and will open to the public in September 2018. Visitors can take a journey through the history of the state as told from the perspective of citizens, including William Goebel, who was appointed governor after an assassination attempt in Frankfurt city centre in 1900.

Franklin was officially incorporated in 1820, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there are 49,285 of them in Kentucky. Drink Stan's Kentucky on vacation, and you'll be drinking Stan's Kentucky in no time!

The population is 49,285, according to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and quickfacts provides statistics for each of the counties.

Do something in Franklin, Kentucky: Find out what you need to do, see what happens, and find out where to find it in the city of Franklin and the rest of the state of Kentucky. Do something: Check out our list of local restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and bars in and around Franklin.

Do something in Franklin, Kentucky: Check out our must-have list - see tourist attractions and activities in Franklin and the rest of Kentucky. Add to your wishlist : Find out where the best restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and bars are in and around Franklin, compare stocks and check mall reviews.

There are four breweries you can't visit and have never tried, and most people have heard of them because they're called silly, like Dork. There's the Derby to scream about and there are four breweries you've heard of because they're in Franklin, Kentucky. The beer is supplied in the form of craft beer from four different breweries, each with its own unique flavour profile.

If you want to brow more, check out Buffalo Trace Distillery and Capital Cellars if you want to learn more about brewing. If you're just looking for some maggots and forgot to eat, you could do worse than try the butt boy at Rick's White Light Diner. Seriously, they make a great breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with a variety of options for any type of food.

Take a tour of the thoroughbred heritage horse farm before visiting the Kentucky Horse and Horse Show at the Louisville Kentucky Convention Center. Spend a few hours betting on horses and enjoy a good meal to celebrate one of Kentucky Derby Day's most popular horse races.

History buffs can treat themselves to Kentucky artifacts at the Frazier History Museum, and athletic types can explore the jogging tracks of 120 city parks around the city. If you have more time and resources to travel, Paristown Pointe Park offers an even more spectacular outdoor experience, essentially heralding the end of one of Louisville's most popular outdoor recreational areas. It is not well known, but it has a hidden gem called Kentucky State Park, located in the heart of downtown Louisville, just a few blocks from the Louisville Kentucky Convention Center.

It offers a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as many outdoor activities and activities for children. Some of the restaurants with courtyard tables offer Mac & Cheese and French, while others offer outdoor events such as the Kentucky State Fair and Kentucky Derby Festival.

For a more relaxed experience, nothing beats neighbor (969 Charles St.) for a good time. This picturesque Kentucky town offers a wide variety of food and beverages, as well as the opportunity to lick a good fried chicken with your fingers.

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